GECKO Car Care is specially made to clean and protect your car. Cars are made to be driven. A driver’s experience is heightened when he feels a connection with his car. GECKO makes that connection possible with our specially developed car care restore and protection products.


Gecko has been created from years of automotive experience and selling different carcare brands.

Most brands are well known by 2 or 3 great products and the rest are usually not terribly exciting. Gecko has divided the good from the bad to create a range of products made to perfection.

A very important note is that we have seriously looked at the requests and complaints of the end users. This has resulted in unique products like our Liquid Clay, Jeans transfer remover or our specially formulated Ceramic wax.
Most brands are hard to understand, what is to be used for witch purpose, labeling is confusing and the first impression with an easy to understand description and pictures are hard to find.

Gecko has now made labeling easy to understand, pictures that speak for them selves and QR codes on all products that lead you to the instruction video’s and manuals in multiple languages.

So if you are always looking for the best…you have found it!

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